Alkaline Evaporator Cleaner and Disinfectant
Improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality
Bacteria, fungi and other microbes growing on air conditioning coils are a source of bad odours, allergic reactions and can also spread diseases.
CondenCide is a heavy duty coil cleaner that will not only shift the worst evaporator dirt and grime, but contains a powerful disinfectant to kill virtually all bacteria in under sixty seconds. It is the perfect coil cleaner for indoor units – It features a heavy duty formula that will thoroughly clean and disinfect -and the concentrated formula also offers excellent value for money.
CondenCide will thoroughly clean and disinfect aluminium coils and condensate trays in air conditioning systems.
Complies with British & European Standards for disinfectants (BS/EN 1040, BS/EN 1275, BS/EN 1276, BS/EN 1650 and BS/EN 13697)
With QX-60 – Kills 99.9% of bacteria and fungi in 60 seconds or less
Evaporator Cleaners Specialist cleaners designed to tackle the toughest jobs.
With QX-60 – Kills 99.9% of bacteria and fungi in 60 seconds or less
Convenient cleaner in a ready mixed for immediate use format
RTU® ECD is and evaporator cleaner which has a highly effective cleaning action that improves the efficiency of your system, while its disinfectant ensures total hygiene.
The improved formulation includes QX-60®, a high-strength disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs in 60 seconds or less.
Evaporator Cleaner and Disinfectant
Kills bacteria and fungi
Convenient, high powered aerosol
EasyCare is an evaporator cleaner and disinfectant designed to address concerns over indoor air quality.
Its highly effective cleaning action improves the efficiency of your air conditioning system, while its disinfectant ensures total hygiene and the reassurance that the unit is safe and clean. Complies with British & European Standards for Bactericides & Fungicides BS/EN 1276 & BS/EN 1040
Specially developed for removing sugar build-up from indoor evaporator units
Powerful foaming action
Cleans even the most stubborn baked-on deposits
Neutral pH 7.6 cleaner for Condensers and Evaporators
Adaptive cleaner which will clean any type of dirt
Quickly removes grease, fats and organic matter and also removes rust, scales and inorganic salts
Non corrosive – Neutral pH 7.6
Ideal for micro channel and coils with
protective coatings
Neutralises all unpleasant malodour
The VerteX® is the second product to result from our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Surrey.
VerteX™ is a full-spectrum cleaner. Its unique formulation allows it to change its own pH balance to either Acid or Alkali to better combat the soils it comes into contact with. This adaptive dimension makes it perfect for use in almost any maintenance scenario – both indoors or outdoors.
Making fast work of dirt on coils, VerteX™ quickly penetrates through rust, scale, grease and organic debris – loosening the deposits – allowing them to be easily rinsed clean.
VerteX™ will not damage or etch the coil surface, making it the ideal product for modern and lightly coated alloy coils. No harmful or volatile by-products are produced as a result of using VerteX™ and its ability to neutralise all unpleasant coil odour form evaporators means it can be used within normal business hours.
Coil Cleaner
Suitable for both evaporators and condensers
Convenient, high powered aerosol
Attacks only the dirt not the coil
EasyClean™ is an effective cleaner, suitable for use on both air cooled evaporator and condenser coils.
Alkaline Evaporator Cleaner
Cleans even the dirtiest evaporator coils
Eliminates slime from condensate trays
Safe for use with condensate pumps
Dirt building up on your evaporator will form a barrier to heat transfer – effectively insulating the coil.
HydroCoil® is the original formulation, tried and tested, heavy duty evaporator coil cleaner.
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