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Internal coil and system cleaner
For use after burnouts, before component changes or when retrofitting
Effective – will flush away sludge, carbon residues, acids, oils and water
Low viscosity – flows easily around the system
EndoFlush® is an internal system cleaner ideal for use after a burnout or retrofit.
Its low viscosity allows it to be circulated freely around a system to remove contaminants and physical debris, using a flushing pump. On contact, EndoFlush® will break down all carbon, tar, oil and sludge deposits. These contaminants are flushed out of the system, leaving internal surfaces clean and ready for re-commissioning. EndoFlush® is CFC-free and is not a regulated substance.
Flushing Pump
A dedicated pump for use with a internal coil flushing product
To allow a flushing agent to work to its maximum ability it must be allowed to circulate the complete refrigerant circuit.
To do this a dedicated flushing pump of suitable power is needed: most commonly available pumps are not suitable, as their construction materials cannot withstand the aggressive flushing agents. The HydroPump from Advanced Engineering is a heavy duty diaphragm pump made of chemically resistant materials. This means that the chemicals never come into contact with the mechanical components of the pump. It has a built in strainer to prevent system debris from entering the pump or re-entering the refrigerant circuit.