Refrigeration Cleaning
Chemical cleaners for commercial refrigeration
Floor and wall cleaner for cold storage
FroZone is a new product from Advanced. It is a refrigerator and freezer (walls and floors) cleaner that is specifically designed to work at sub-zero temperatures.
FroZone™ has been specifically designed for the areas often inadvertently overlooked during the maintenance of walk-in freezers and refrigerators– their floors and walls.
Dirt build-up can cause unnecessary health and safety issues within food storage areas, such as the contamination of produce from mould and mildew. Easily cutting through dirt, fat and ice deposits it’s specialist formula makes FroZone™ a highly effective cleaner in sub-zero temperatures.
Maintaining cleaning quality down to -25°C, so no need to switch off the system during the cleaning process! Due to its non- metal corrosive formula FroZone™ is safe to use on aluminium and stainless steel. In addition it’s also NSF® registered making it perfect for cleaning in and around food processing areas.
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Refrigeration case cleaner & disinfectant
AllSafe® is a world first – a cleaner and disinfectant for commercial refrigeration casework, with a formulation that leaves metals, plastics and glass sparkling clean & safe.
AllSafe® is biodegradable, non-fuming, phosphate free and contains metal protecting inhibitors – Giving peace of mind that not only you, but the equipment and your environment are now “All Safe”.
Refrigeration coil cleaner
Removes slime, mould & foodstuffs
Improves equipment efficiency
User and environmentally friendly
Registered by NSF – Safe for use in food storage & preparation areas
Complies with British & European Standards for Bactericides & Fungicides BS/EN 1276 & BS/EN 1650
CoolSafe® is an effective coil cleaner for refrigeration systems. Its unique formula will remove all common contaminants left by organic materials and foodstuffs on cooling coils… with minimum hazard to the user and immediate environment.
Because it is mild enough to be used in sensitive food-preparation and storage areas, CoolSafe® is ideal for use on food- display cabinets, walk-in refrigerators and freezers.
Refrigeration drain unblocker
Clears organic blockages
Safe to use with condensate pumps
Registered by NSF – Suitable for use in food storage & preparation areas
DrainSafe is a powerful drain unblocker for use on refrigeration systems.
It has been designed to quickly dissolve slime and biofilms. These buildups are commonly found in the condensate lines draining away from chilled storage and dairy cabinets and can cause blockages and the spread of bacteria.
Featuring an industrial strength formula, DrainSafe is acceptable for use on drains in and around food processing areas.
Jally Strips
Condensate tray microbial control
Registered* by NSF – Safe for use in food storage & preparation areas.
The Jally Strips® are the first product to result from our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Surrey. These new strips remain stable at high temperatures, have more effective biocidal properties (which also works to stop the micro-organisms becoming immune) and are able to take 5000 litres of condensate running over them. This all combines to ensure 12 months protection against slime build up in condensate drains/lines – when used in conjunction with DrainSafe® and CoolSafe® – in the majority of environments
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