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ALD-R160 Outer-wall air vent The ALD outerwall air vent is a passive through wall air inlet with wind regulator and high performance sound absorbtion. Designed to supply filtered fresh air for bedrooms and living areas.
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e with Heat Recovery Simple and highly efficient heat recovery system without the need for ducting.Operates in pairs through an external wall. For bedrooms and living areas.
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e All-in-one All-in-one ventilation with heat recovery designed for small rooms, utility rooms and kitchens providing continuous ventilation.
Nexxt Large room all-in-one All-in-one ventilation with heat recovery designed for large areas. Built in humidity and temperature sensors with high volume airflow. Intergrated iluminated control panel.
ventilation systems are based on keeping air flowing throughout entire living areas providing healthy, clean, filtered air and eliminating the problems of mould and damp caused by condensation and humidity.
Good ventilation
Healthy air
Healthy home
Good ventilation plays a very important role in air quality and our quality of life. HA Climate Control offer cost effective and energy efficient ventilation systems for all types of homes and buildings. Lunos ventilation systems improve the air flow around your home not only making it a more pleasurable enviroment to live in but also protecting your home from condensation that can lead to undesirable damp and mould.
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