Odour neutraliser for AC systems
Specifically designed for air conditioning units
Eliminates odours
Produces long-lasting fresh scent
SmellyJelly Minis
SmellyJelly® has been formulated to provide a pleasant fragrance in fan coil and cassette units.
Available in the following fragrances:-
Mountain Fresh
StayClean Mini Tablets
Condensate tray bacterial control treatment
StayClean™ Tablets are an inexpensive, easy-to-use condensate tray treatment.
The tablets will control odours and prevent sludge build-ups and blockages in the condensate tray and drain. They are safe to use, non- corrosive and, being totally soluble, leaving no residues to create further problems.
One tablet will treat a 2-3kW system and will last for a month. Multiple tablets can be used in larger systems for maximum flexibility.
StayClean Strips
Condensate tray bacterial control treatment
StayClean™ Strips are an effective antibacterial treatment, providing up to six months protection from bacteria, fungi, algae and other micro- organisms that can cause smells and blockages in air conditioning condensate trays.
The strips have a unique built-in inhibitor to protect equipment from rust and corrosion.
Guardian® is an advanced coil coating, designed to protect air conditioning systems vulnerable to mould and bacteria.
It has been formulated to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, ensuring the equipment stays clean and fresh between cleans.
Guardian® works by slowing the microbial action that can often lead to sickness, smells and mould – and it will do this for up to six months.
Antimicrobial coil defence
Jally Strips
Condensate tray microbial control
Registered* by NSF – Safe for use in food storage & preparation areas.
The Jally Strips® are the first product to result from our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Surrey. These new strips remain stable at high temperatures, have more effective biocidal properties (which also works to stop the micro-organisms becoming immune) and are able to take 5000 litres of condensate running over them.This all combines to ensure 12 months protection against slime build up in condensate drains/lines – when used in conjunction with DrainSafe® and CoolSafe® – in the majority of environments
A range of products designed to keep air conditioning units fresh and odour free.
Fragrances & Odour Control
Easy to apply, SmellyJelly® is simply placed within the unit, ideally as close to the discharge point as possible. Once in position and the unit switched on the fragrance will immediately become noticeable.
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