RTU ECD Evaporator Cleaner
Convenient cleaner in a ready mixed for immediate use format
RTU® ECD is and evaporator cleaner which has a highly effective cleaning action that improves the efficiency of your system, while its disinfectant ensures total hygiene.
The improved formulation includes QX-60®, a high- strength disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs in 60 seconds or less.
RTU CC Condensor Cleaner
Ready mixed for immediate use
Removes all common types of dirt and debris
RTU CC is a condenser cleaner which is ideal for use as part of a regular maintenance programme.
Highly effective at removing all common types of dirt and debris, it also has a biodegradable formula that is very safe to use.
AllSafe RTU
Refrigeration case cleaner & disinfectant
Improves system hygiene & efficiency
Convenient ready mixed cleaner
Registered* by NSF – Safe for use in food storage & preparation areas.
AllSafe® RTU® is the ready mixed option for AllSafe® refrigeration case cleaner and disinfectant.
This AllSafe® RTU® version comes with the cleaning ability of the concentrate but is ready mixed for your safety and convenience.
CoolSafe RTU
CoolSafe® RTU® is an effective coil cleaner for refrigeration systems. Its unique formula will remove all common contaminants left by organic materials and foodstuffs on cooling coils… with minimum hazard to the user and immediate environment.
Because it is mild enough to be used in sensitive food-preparation and storage areas, CoolSafe® is ideal for use on food-display cabinets, walk-in refrigerators and freezers.
CoolSafe® RTU is registered by NSF. When used correctly, CoolSafe® is safe to use in food preparation and storage areas.
Bubble-Up Leak Detector
Specifically designed for refrigerant leaks
Produces long-lasting bubbles
Clings to all surfaces
RTU® BU is a Bubble-up leak detector ispecifically designed to locate refrigerant leaks.
Standard bubble-up leak detectors, designed for use with natural gas, are unsuitable: their lower viscosity means they will not cling to surfaces as effectively and can easily be blown off the pipework before the refrigerant leak is identified.
RTU are pre-mixed (Ready To Use) cleaners for convinience
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